Friday, 3 April 2015

Light it up Gold - 2015

Dignity is central to our lives. So much so, that we often don't notice.
It is a fundamental part of feeling human, being your own self.
When someone denies you a voice in your own affairs, refuses you access, or invades your boundaries, it is your dignity as a human, as an autonomous, independent being, that is insulted.

This is an experience faced all too often by autistics.
It is all too often the experience of others too.
Race, nationality, gender, age, disability, sexuality, ethnicity, beliefs... all have been excuses for denying people the dignity all humans deserve.
The autistic community is strong and noble at its heart.
We will always honour and fight for the dignity of our sisters and brothers within our community.
We stand also, arm in arm, strong and sure, with all peoples whose dignity has been stripped from them.
Together we are strong, within and without.

Light it up GOLD for Autistic Dignity


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