Friday, 3 April 2015

Light it up Gold - 2015

At the heart of every living community lies co-operation.
It is what binds us together, and what links us to the wider world.
We reach out a hand for help or to give help.
We reach out a hand to share. to give.
We reach out a hand for comfort and contact.

Today, of all days (2nd April), I watched a friend of the autistic community reach out a hand to share her work. She had her hand bitten for her trouble.
She had given weeks of hard work - freely offered - for the benefit of all.

Situations like that may seem to show that divisiveness and ego wins...
But in truth they are just an opportunity for the gold-hearted to reach out a helping hand.
The work is not lost - she has good friends among our community!

However, it seems not everyone understands that community depends on co-operation to flourish and grow.

But they are few and far between while we are legion.

So, here's to friends and companions, helpers and hosts, within and without this wonderful community.

Here's to co-operation, and shared success!

Light it up GOLD for Co-operation


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